Sync a Korg Volca to Ableton Live; Without MIDI


Do you ever wish that you could sync your Korg Volca with Ableton Live for a quick jam session, without having to deal with a full MIDI setup? In this tutorial we will show you how; all you need is an multi output audio interface and some cables.

1. Open an Ableton Project and create a new MIDI track. Call the track “sync-clock” or something like that.

2. Add Ableton’s Operator to the “sync-clock” track. The goal here is to create a sound that will act as simple audio pulse, AKA a quick square blip. In your default instance of Operator

  • select the first oscillator and switch the tuning to fixed
  • change the frequency to about 225hz
  • change the waveform to the “Square D” setting
  • lower the decay to 2.6ms

3. Create a midi clip that will trigger a note on every eighth note.

4. Change the “Audio To” settings on the tracks mixer to Ext. Out, and then select an extra output on your audio interface.

5. Find the corresponding output jack on your interface and connect your volca’s “sync-in” jack with a standard ⅛” cable. You may need to find some adapters here.

6. Congrats! When you play your clip, your volca should be synced up with your session. You might have to play with the track delay settings a bit to compensate for latency.